Family Style Meals

Happy House kids participate in family style meals. The children set the table, serve themselves and help clean up. We feel this helps to foster a sense of responsiblity and independance. It is also a great way to help establish basic math skills! 

Baby Signs

For the past 12 years we have been practicing Baby Signs with the children of Happy House. We use a few basic signs to help the child tell us what they need. And we also incorporate  signs such as "Snow"  for fun. The older children that no longer need to use the signs themselves enjoy helping to teach the babies!

Sensory Garden

During the summer of 2014 local Girl Scout Riley During the summer of 2014 local Girl Scout Riley Montgomery designed and created a sensory garden for Happy House. It is now a certified  Wildlife Habitiat!

Borrow A Book

We feel a love of books and reading should start from birth. Our  weekly Borrow a Book and Buddy program encourages even the smallest of our children to enjoy books, buddies, and spending time with loved ones reading.

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